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Masker Walters

Masker's journey into yoga began completely by chance. As a child of age three a game character by name of Dhalsim on “Street Fighter II” piqued his interest and curiosity in Indian lore and mythology. The character had a signature move called yoga flame, that introduced masker to a world and a word he had never heard before “YOGA”. This became the catalyst which propelled him to give him first yoga class, consisting of Masker and his four sisters emulating the moves on the screen. As a lifelong student of the esoteric in all forms, yoga has allowed Masker to develop an introspective worldview and understanding of the living form, Psyche, an essence of humanity working as a singular entity as opposed to separate and opposing factions. After receiving his 200 hour YTT as well as his credentials as a reiki master in 2016 he continued his yoga journey earning his 500 hour in 2023 as well as his Kemetic yoga certifications. In addition to yoga instruction, Masker is also a mobility and movement coach specializing in hyperbolic stretching and belly dance.

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