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Unique Health and Wellness in Temecula

Looking for a yoga studio that is welcoming to all, regardless of their abilities or limitations? Look no further than Living Forms Yoga in Temecula. We are a health and wellness organization focusing on the equilibrium of the mind, body, and spirit through yoga, meditation, and hypnotherapy. Our mission is to ...

Yoga for Everyone

Our business was founded on the principle that traditional yoga classes can be exclusionary to some individuals due to their abilities or limitations. We understand that yoga can be a "one size fits all" practice in terms of the basic level of what you are expected to do. For those who are not capable of hearing ...


  • Black-owned
  • Venmo Accepted
  • Cashapp Accepted
  • Debit & Credit Cards Accepted
  • By Appointment Only
  • Inclusive Approach
  • Tailored Sessions
  • Supportive Environment
  • Transformative Experience
  • Yoga Alliance Certified
  • Yoga for All

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